Aero conducts L-39NG basic weapons tests

Aero L39NG weapons tests
Aero L-39NG fires S-5 missile during a basic weapons test campaign.

Czech aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody announced on Thursday that it has successfully conducted several test firings with the new L-39NG jet. Company engineers and pilots fired 230 rockets and dropped nearly 70 bombs to test engine effect, emergency load reduction and accuracy.

According to Aero, the aircraft can carry both Eastern and Western weapons and the corresponding avionics system. The test phase of the eastern armament took place at the Veszprem shooting range, Hungary. For the occasion, the aircraft operated from the nearby Pápa Air Base.

"The results of the tests were successful. It was a set of tests of the basic weapons that the L-39NG can use. However, we are considering an additional range of weapons according to specific customer requirements. The aircraft can carry both Eastern and Western armament and can equally have Western and Eastern avionics," says Petr Jinda, Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer, Aero.

Weapons trials, which were divided into three phases, began on 13 February with the first part to determine the effect of missile firing on engine performance, followed by emergency load drops and the third phase was bombing and firing missiles for accuracy. All weapons tests met expectations.

Specifically, the designers and pilots tested the firing of S-5 missiles from UB-16 missile blocks and their effect on engine operation. They conducted tests of emergency bomb drops, overhead fuel tanks, and missile blocks. During the tests, the pilots fired a total of 230 S-5 missiles and dropped 42 P-50-75 and 24 OFAB-100-120 bombs.

Aero L39NG weapons tests

Aero L39NG weapons tests

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Images: Aero Vodochody

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