Tactical Air selected by US Navy for Red Air service

Tactical Air Navy Red Air
Tactical Air F-5 combat aircraft.

Private US defense service provider Tactical Air announced on April 7 that it has been selected by the US Navy for the next NAWDC REDAIR Task Order.

The contract is to provide Adversary Air Fighter Jet Services (RedAir) in support of Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center (NAWDC) TOPGUN course and Air Wing Fallon exercises.

The contract is for 1 year with four 1-year options, through 2028. "Tactical Air is very proud to have been awarded this highly sought-after contract allowing us to continue supporting our US Navy and USMC front-line fighter aircrew," the firm said.

Tactical Air owns and operates a fleet of 25 supersonic F-5 fighter aircraft, largely consisting of an improved, lower flight-time version of the current Adversary platform of the U.S. Navy (USN) and Marine Corps (USMC). 

Tactical Air has operated F-5 aircraft since 2013. While the baseline F-5 flown by the USN/USMC is widely considered a 3rd Generation aircraft, Tactical Air's existing and planned upgrades economically evolve this aircraft into an advanced tactical aircraft with sensor/system capabilities on par with current DoD 4th Generation fighter aircraft. Tactical Air F-5s are upgraded with HUD/HOTAS, open architecture mission computers and tailored Operational Flight Programs that enable integration of advanced radar and RWR systems, IRSTS, EA, datalinks, and HOBS simulated weapons employment.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Image: Tactical Air

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