BAE Systems to support US AV-8B Harrier fleet to 2029

China wants to modify engines on its J-20 stealth fighter to match US F-22 Raptor

USAF F-16 fighters to get electronic countermeasures from Northrop Grumman

UK backs Turkey’s fifth-gen TF-X stealth fighter project against Greece

Battle-damaged ANG F-16 fighters return to service

Serbia plans to buy Boeing T-7A Red Hawk in light combat variant

USAF purchases CubCrafters XCub aircraft

France to purchase E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft

French Rafale successfully fires upgraded ASMPA nuclear missile

India is close to finalizing mega deal with Airbus for dozens of C295 transport aircraft

Saab receives order to define future requirements for Sweden’s Gripen C/D fighters

UAE buys additional Saab GlobalEye surveillance systems