NATO air defense mission in Romania, Italian Eurofighters achieve 1000 flight hours

Italian Eurofighter Typhoon NATO Romania
Italian Air Force F-2000A Typhoon assigned to 36th Wing.

The Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, assigned to the Task Force Air “Black Storm”, reached the milestone of 1,000 flight hours in less than six months of operation in Romania.

This result confirms the effectiveness of the F-2000A aircraft in the conduct of the NATO airspace surveillance mission, as well as the platform's ability to integrate with the aircraft of the allied countries with which it has jointly operated in recent months.

The Italian Air Force deployed Typhoons at Mihail Kogălniceanu Air Base, Romania, last November to support enhanced Air Policing (eAP) operations, which also involved German Eurofighters. Since April they have started carrying out enhanced Vigilance Activity (eVA) missions with the aim of reinforcing NATO Air Defense in the eastern flank, under the command and control of the Ramstein Air Command, Germany. The Vigilance Activity is focused on enhancing NATO's deterrence capacity, increasing cohesion and guaranteeing the defense of the territorial integrity of the countries belonging to the Atlantic Alliance.

During these two operations, characterized by different operational profiles, the crews of the Italian Air Force mainly participated in Quick Reaction Alert - Interceptor (QRA-I) missions, to detect unidentified aircraft within the Romanian airspace and, subsequently, have conducted air patrol missions in specific areas assigned by NATO (Combat Air Patrol - CAP).

The Italian crews also took part in training missions together with other air and ground units deployed in the operational theater to help increase both the standardization of procedures and the integration between assets.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Image: Italian Air Force

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