NATO Air Policing: Italian, German Eurofighters to operate together in Romania

Italian German Eurofighters NATO Romania
Inside the cockpit of an Italian Air Force Typhoon during a scramble.

The German Eurofighter multi-role combat aircraft will operate together with the Italian ones in Romania between the end of February and the beginning of March, according to the Italian Air Force.

This activity is part of a program to strengthen collaboration between the two countries on the Eurofighter platform, according to the "plug & fight" concept.

Three German Eurofighters belonging to Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 74 will operate under the Italian-led eAPA-S (Enanched Air Policing Area South) mission, contributing for a short time to the QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) service, which will be carried out jointly with mixed systems, personnel and pilots belonging to the two countries.

In addition to improving interoperability between allied assets, the "plug & fight" offers the opportunity to optimize personnel and systems in deployable contexts. The German fighters will be supported by the operational and logistical structures of Italy's Task Force Air Black Storm, which will allow Lutwaffe to integrate into the Italian contingent, minimizing set-up times and benefiting from the existing infrastructure for a quick build-up.

Italian German Eurofighters NATO Romania

While this activity has never been carried out by Italy, the German Eurofighters have already operated jointly with the British ones during a previous NATO Air Policing mission.

These operations are made possible thanks to the great interoperability and high standardization of technical and operational procedures of the Typhoon which is proving to be a mature and highly versatile platform.

"Activities such as these guarantee an important training and operational benefit as they allow us to exchange our experiences with our German colleagues. The F-20000 is today a mature weapon system as proven by the different types of contexts in which it is called to operate and activities like these are a further opportunity for growth. Our mission in Romania is to strengthen the air defense capabilities of this country as foreseen by the agreements between the NATO member countries," said the Commander of the Task Force Air Black Storm.

Italian German Eurofighters NATO Romania

Italy deployed the Task Force Air Black Storm at the Mihail Kogălniceanu air base, Constanta, Romania, at the end of last year to support the Romanian Air Force (Forṱele Aeriene Romậne) in safeguarding Romanian airspace.

The Task Force Air Black Storm includes Eurofighter aircraft belonging to four units of the Italian Air Force (4th Wing, 36th Wing, 37th Wing and 51st Wing). This is the second time that Italy has deployed Eurofighters in Romania under the NATO Air Policing mission.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Images: Italian Air Force

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