ITAF-Leonardo International Flight Training School graduates first fighter pilots, they come from Germany

IFTS graduates first pilots Germany
German Air Force pilots pose in front of a T-346A jet at the International Flight Training School, Lecce-Galatina air base, southern Italy.

The International Flight Training School (IFTS), the flight school born from the partnership between the Italian Air Force and Leonardo, has recently awarded the first Phase IV (Advanced/Lead-In to Fighter Training) graduation to two pilots of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) following the completion of their training in Italy.

The training activity, which lasted about nine months, took place at the Lecce-Galatina air base - home of the 61st Wing of the Italian Air Force - which currently hosts the IFTS, pending its transfer to the new campus in Decimomannu, Sardinia.

The IFTS project was born from the desire to integrate two national excellences: the skills in the training of Italian military pilots, which have been consolidated at the Galatina flight school in over 75 years of activity, and the advanced training systems of Leonardo, which is the main Italian aerospace company.

Once fully operational, the program will make it possible to double the current offer of the Flight School through the establishment of a new training center. The military units will operate from both the Galatina and Decimomannu airbases under the emblem of the 61st Wing.

Thanks to highly experienced military and civilian instructor pilots and to the advanced integrated training system based on Leonardo's M-346 aircraft (called T-346A by the Italian Air Force), the IFTS represents a pole of international excellence, with the aim of training military pilots to fly latest generation fighter aircraft. It will provide them with the technical and procedural knowledge that is essential to operate in modern, increasingly complex operational scenarios.

The new IFTS campus, currently under construction at Decimomannu, was designed around the training needs of future pilot students. The centerpiece of the center will be the Ground Based Training System (GBTS), which will include latest generation simulators capable of creating integrated training scenarios between simulated and live aircraft, thanks to Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) technology. Furthermore, it will include both the logistic-maintenance infrastructures, which will manage the operation of the 22 M-346 jets, and the logistic-accommodation infrastructures, which will house the students during their stay in the school (accommodation, canteen, sports facilities). The maintenance and logistical support activities of the aircraft and simulators will be provided by Leonardo CAE Advanced Jet Training, a company born from the partnership between Leonardo and CAE.

During the Phase IV course, attendees will also have the opportunity to train in live shooting in dedicated training areas, thus being able to test the skills acquired in the field.

In addition to Germany, other countries have also chosen IFTS for the advanced training of their pilots, confirming the interest and attention towards the Italian training system, which is confirmed to be a center of excellence at international level.

IFTS graduates first pilots Germany

IFTS graduates first pilots Germany

IFTS graduates first pilots Germany

IFTS graduates first pilots Germany

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian Air Force

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