USAF F-16, PAF FA-50PH fighter pilots train for dogfight

BACE exercise Philippines
Philippine Air Force FA-50PH fighter jet.

Philippine Air Force (PAF) FA-50PH fighter pilots will have the opportunity to practice Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) with US F-16 aircraft during the Bilateral Air Contingent Exchange-Philippines (BACE-P) which will take place from 14 to 25 March 2022.

This year's BACE-P will include twelve USAF F-16s assigned to the 13th Fighter Squadron and ten PAF FA-50PHs assigned to the 5th Fighter Wing. US fighters reached the Philippines on 12 March.

According to PAF spokesman Colonel Maynard Mariano, the ACM activity will involve four FA-50PHs versus four F-16s. It will be much more intense than in previous joint exercises.

The ACM is that "tactical art of moving, turning and/or positioning your fighter plane to reach a position from which you can make an attack on another plane."

The activities will be conducted in the northwestern area of ​​central Luzon.

Mariano said this year's BACE-P will also include the Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE) on how to use and defend against surface-to-air missiles (SAMs).

The exercise will focus on a wide range of missions such as air-to-air engagement, basic defense; air traffic navigation and integration coordination; air battle management, air defense command and control operations; radar and radio operations; and planning of operations and deployment of surface-to-air missiles.

Written by Darren Bondi

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