Aero L-39NG to perform aerobatics during next airshows, demo flight approved by authority

Aero L39NG demo airshow
L-39NG performs inverted flight.

Aero Vodochody will present its new L-39NG jet aircraft to public with all the trimmings during the upcoming air shows in Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. Vladimír Továrek and Vytautas Požela, factory pilots of the largest Czech aircraft manufacturer, gained certification for the L-39NG acrobatic flight, and they are ready to show the brand new flight display to public.

To achieve the certification, the pilots had to perform six training flights each and then also the demonstration flight in front of representatives of the Military Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.

Aviation enthusiasts may look forward to a full-fledged acrobatic demonstration. The flight envelope of the L-39NG aircraft had been opened up to full scale, so during the acrobatic demonstration, the pilots are not forced to any compromise.

The L-39NG had to wait a long time for its first acrobatic appearance in front of the public because most of big aviation events were either postponed or cancelled due to the global pandemic situation. The first public acrobatic performance is planned for this weekend at the Kecskemét Air Show 2021 in Hungary, on Saturday and Sunday always at 3.30 pm. From Kecskemét, the L-39NG aircraft will move to Slovakia for the SIAF Air Show at the Malacky Air Base, which is scheduled for the September 4-5. The first acrobatic demonstration in the Czech Republic will take place two weeks later at the NATO Days in Ostrava.

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Source: Aero Vodochody

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