Italian Air Force C-130J transport aircraft dodges gunfire in Afghanistan

Italian C130 gunfire Kabul Afghanistan
Italian Air Force C-130J transport aircraft.

An Italian Air Force C-130J transport aircraft had to dodge gunfire while taking off from Kabul Airport, Afghanistan, early yesterday morning.

According to the Italian Air Force, the aircraft, which was carrying a group of evacuated Afghan civilians and some Italian journalists, was not hit.

The crew chief, after seeing gunshots coming from the ground upwards, visible as tracers, immediately performed an evasive maneuver to protect the aircraft and passengers and avoid crossing the airspace where the shots were observed. This procedure is part of the constant training to which the Italian Air Force flight personnel are subjected.

No damage to the crew, passengers and the aircraft was reported. The C-130 continued its flight to Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, as planned.

The Italian C-130Js are carrying out the tactical transport of military and civil personnel - both Italian and foreign - from Afghanistan to Kuwait from where they are then boarded on the Italian Air Force KC-767A long-range transport aircraft for the flight to Italy.

This relay allows the Italian Air Force and the Italian Defense to quickly ensure the repatriation and safe evacuation of military and civilian personnel from Afghanistan.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Image: Italian Air Force

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