Turkey is set to export its indigenous Hurkus-C trainer/light attack aircraft

Turkey export armed Hurkus
TAI Hurkus-C armed close air support and training aircraft.

Turkey's aircraft manufacturer Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) said it will soon be exporting its Hurkus-C armed close air support and trainer aircraft to an undisclosed customer.

TAI general manager Temel Kotil told CNN Turk on Sunday that a total of 12 Hurkus-C aircraft will be sold overseas.

"We can't reveal the country because the contract hasn't been signed yet, but it will be done," he said.

According to our source, the aircraft will likely be sold to Bangladesh which is looking to modernize its fleet of trainer aircraft and multi-role fighters.

The Hurkus family of aircraft was designed by TAI to meet domestic flight training needs. Its variants include the low-cost, high-precision Hurkus-C, developed to perform light attack and reconnaissance missions.

While retaining the advanced training capabilities of the base aircraft, the Hurkus-C offers users a large payload capacity up-to 1500 kg, which can be utilized to perform demanding missions, during day&night conditions in high altitudes and harsh geographies.

The aircraft can carry generic bombs and home-made ammunition such as Roketsan’s Umtas long-range anti-tank missile, and laser-guided Cirit missiles and KGK-SIHA-82 missile. It also features two 12.7 mm and 20 mm gun systems, a 2.75-inch rocket assortment, or training bombs.

The Hurkus deal confirms the market trend to favor turboprops over jets.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Photo Credit: Turkish Armed Force Foundation

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