Italian Air Force unveils cool Typhoon 'Tiger Scheme'

Italian Eurofighter tiger livery scheme
An Italian Air Force Eurofighter received a special tiger livery for the upcoming NATO Tiger Meet exercise in Portugal.

The Italian Air Force has recently published some images showing a Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role fighter with an amazing special tiger livery. The aircraft will participate in the NATO Tiger Meet 2021 exercise at Beja Air Base, Portugal, May 2-14.

It marks the first Eurofighter with an extended special color made by the Italian Air Force. Over the past few years, several Italian Typhoons have received special tails, but never fuselages/wings.

The Tiger Eurofighter 2021 shows the face of a roaring tiger on the tail and black-white streaks covering the rear of the aircraft, wings and foreplanes.

The special aircraft is assigned to the XII Fighter Interceptor Squadron at the Gioia del Colle air base, southern Italy.

The XII Fighter Interceptor Group was born in May 1917 at the airport of Belluno, northern Italy, and has historical origins linked to the epic Stories of Francesco Baracca. This is the reason why its units received the insignia of the famous prancing horse. The twelfth Squadron was transferred to Gioia del Colle, southern Italy, in September 1963, and assigned to the 36th Wing.

In June 1966 the unit received the F-86K Sabre and from 1971 until 1994 flew the F-104 Starfighter.

In July 1995 the unit transitioned to the Tornado ADV (F.3) as an interim solution until the delivery of the first Eurofighters. After the disbandment of the 21st Group, the 351st Tiger flight (which has a white tiger as its emblem) was transfered to the XII Sqn which was immediately granted NTM Full Member status.

In September 2004 the XII Sqn traded its interim fighters for the MB-339CD, another stop-gap before the final arrival of the F-2000 Typhoon in 2007.

Italian Eurofighter tiger livery scheme

Italian Eurofighter tiger livery scheme

Italian Eurofighter tiger livery scheme

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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