Here are more details on Airbus Future Jet Trainer AFJT

Airbus Future Jet Trainer AFJT
Airbus Future Jet Trainer (AFJT).

Following our previous post on the Airbus Future Jet Trainer (AFJT), we can now share more details on the project thanks to new data received from Airbus Defence and Space.

According to Airbus, the AFJT is the ideal platform to cover the advanced training (phases III and IV) of the Spanish Air Force, meeting all the requirements for the replacement of the current F-5 advanced training aircraft fleet. It has the ability to grow in order to cover other advanced and additional missions in the future such as light attack, sparring, acrobatic flights (Patrulla Ɓguila) and future technologies demonstrator. In addition, it is able to cover a significant part of the training currently performed in the OCUs (Operational Conversion Units) where student pilots fly more expensive Eurofighter Typhoon or F-18 Hornet.

When the Spanish Air Force's fleet of trainers is final, it will be ideally composed of Pilatus PC-21 for phases I and II and AFJT for phases III, IV and V (operational conversion).

Airbus Future Jet Trainer AFJT

The AFJT is a transonic aircraft that features high maneuverability and power-to-weight ratio equivalent to top-of-the-line fighters, advanced and integrated LVC (Live-Virtual-Constructive) training system, aircraft-GBTS interconnectivity and state-of-the-art HMI and systems, which will allow the training for future pilots for +5th gen platforms such as FCAS.

Airbus Future Jet Trainer AFJT

The AFJT is a program designed by and for Spain, which is positioned as the operational, industrial and technological development solution that would allow the country to continue its position as a major player in the aerospace and defense sector. It allows Spain to maintan national industrial capabilities developed over decades through the participation in national and international programs (C295, EF2000, A400M).It is estimated that the AFJT would generate between 2,100 and 2,500 jobs in Spain for every 100M.€ invested in the program.

Although the AFJT was primarily intended for SpAF, Airbus also plans to participate in future international requests for the training/light combat segment.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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