Colombian Air Force selects T-6C Texan II trainer aircraft

The choice does not excite some FAC officers.

Colombia selects T-6C Texan
Colombian Air Force selects T-6C Texan II trainer aircraft.

The Colombian Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Colombiana - FAC) has announced the acquisition of the Beechcraft (Textron Aviation) T-6C Texan II to renew and modernize its trainer fleet. The deal includes 8 aircraft and an option for an additional 8.

According to the FAC, the first 8 T-6Cs will be delivered in March 2021 to replace the older Cessna T-37B “Tweet” in the "Marco Fidel Suárez" military flight school.

The Texan II had already been offered to Colombia in 2012, but this option was rejected by the previous FAC commanders because it was deemed not adequate to the needs of the armed force. However, the version proposed at the time by Beechcraft was the AT-6B for the light attack role and not the trainer one.

Local news outlet AeroFermo says the announcement of the T-6C deal by the current Commander of the Colombian Air Force (COFAC) has generated severe unease among high-ranking FAC officers, as they believe this acquisition does not provide the armed force with new dissuasive capacity (now very urgent), nor is it strategically convenient. They also say its acquisition leaves without political and budgetary support other major projects such as the introduction of a LIFT aircraft, as well as the purchase of new combat aircraft.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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