Eurofighter Typhoon Future Development

The next stage of Eurofighter Typhoon's evolution is part of a technological journey that will future-proof the Typhoon aircraft well in to the 2060's.

Eurofighter partner nations are developing major Typhoon upgrades.

A major research programme to develop technology enhancements its weapons systems and engine has been underpinned by a more than €50 million commitment from the Eurofighter partner nations, the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The partner nations have committed to exploring technologies including:

- Delivering data - reinforcing Typhoon's advanced electronic warfare systems through the generation, transmission and utilisation of ever-increasing amounts of both on-board and off-board data, whilst remaining resilient to emerging threats.

- This will maintain its ability to operate in the highly contested and congested future operating environment.

- Future defensive aids - adding future defensive aids sub systems (DASS) which enable Typhoon to cope faster, easier and more affordably with new requirements to counter threats as they arise in the future.

- Update cockpit - refreshed cockpit displays and controls which will enable more demanding missions in the future, whilst ensuring full interoperability with cooperating assets in the air and over land and sea.

- Operational flexibility - Applying new adaptive power and cooling techniques and facilitating the agile integration of advanced weapons, thereby enabling more flexible store configurations to be flown.

- Engine performance - In terms of the EJ200 engine, the focus is on four key areas: thrust growth; range and persistence with increased parts life; survivability as well as control system enhancements.

Over this time, Typhoon will be the platform on which key future technologies will be developed and deployed, technologies that will eventually be central on a future combat air system.

In taking this approach, it becomes the ideal interoperable partner to fly alongside a future combat air system.

“When you have the best in the world already, like you have with Eurofighter, why would you start again? So, we are learning and delivering new technologies in concert with Eurofighter. And if we develop a capability within the Future Combat Air System Technology Initiative we can spin it back into Eurofighter. It’s about trying to adopt the ways we have been working on rapid capability insertion,” RAF Air Cdre Linc Taylor said.

“Eurofighter has a great future. This weapon system is designed for constant evolution and enhancement. The enhancements will change the capabilities of the aircraft and expand its potential,” Spanish Air Force pilot, Moron Air Base, said.

“Eurofighter will be a very valuable part of any mixed force, particularly because of its ability to supply a lot of munitions, as well as having a lot of potential power for future electronic warfare packages,” Justin Bronk, Research Fellow for Airpower with the Military Sciences programme at think tank RUSI said.

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Source: BAE Systems
Image: Eurofighter GmbH

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