Bavarian Tigers react to criticism received on the 2019 tiger aircraft

Bavarian Tigers criticism 2019 aircraft
Photo Credit: Bavarian Tigers.

During the last few years, fans of the Bavarian Tiger Squadron of the German Air Force have been able to admire great masterpieces painted on the Eurofighter like the "Ghost Tiger" aircraft shown at the NTM 2018 or the "Bronze Tiger" painted for the NTM 2014. The special livery just revealed has instead received some criticism because it is too simplified, so the Squadron explained on its Facebook page the reasons why they chose this look. They said that to prepare a tiger livery, the staff takes hundreds of hours of work. Starting from a PC project that requires a good knowledge of the software up to the painting job.

Ghost Tiger by Bartek Bera.

Furthermore, the soldiers involved in these activities work for free during their free time. To obtain a livery like the one of the last year, the Eurofighter must remain in the painting shop for several weeks and therefore is not available for daily training. This is not always possible.

For this reason this year's design could not cover the whole plane like the "Bronze" one, but it had to be limited to the tail rudder. Furthermore, the Squadron will participate in the NTM 2019 only as a guest during the weekend.

Tiger Eurofighter 2019 by Gregor Zawadzki.

However, the Bavarian Tigers are always in favor of suggestions and invite all fans to submit a proposal for the livery of the aircraft that will participate in the NTM 2020 in Portugal. Drafts can be sent to

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Written by Matteo Sanzani

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