Gilze-Rijen AB will host over 30 aircraft from 7 different nations that will train in Personnel Recovery operations.

Exercise APROC 2018 Gilze Rijen Netherlands
The Netherlands hosts exercise APROC 2018.

The APROC 2018 will be conducted from May 23 to June 6 at Gilze Rijen Air Base, NL. Over thirty aircraft from 7 different nations will be employed in order to train ‘Personnel Recovery’ operations in an international environment.

This mission set has the aim to rescue personnel that is in distress in a hostile environment and uses techniques to survive and evade from possible hostile personnel. The course participants will be faced with a realistic environment where military personnel are employed in a Peace Support mission.

The main objectives of the Course are to train aircrew and extraction forces with limited or no experience in planning and conducting complex missions (multi-national, multi ship, dissimilar type) and to teach them to plan and conduct such complex PR missions with a focus on the processes and procedures. Several tactical missions will be planned with increasing difficulties to allow for a steady learning curve of the trainees. Various threats will be simulated in order to create the required scenarios by ground based and airborne support elements.

Military Forces need to be prepared (trained and equipped) to conduct PR operations, and ideally specialised units should be available to be utilised in this very particular mission set. This course is helping to create these capabilities.


2x AS555AN, French Air Force
1x NH90-TTH, French Army
1x EA-550A, Italian Air Force
3x F-2000 Typhoon, Italian Air Force
1x HH-101A, Italian Air Force
1x EH-101A, Italian Navy
2x Mi-24V, Polish Army
2x Puma HC2, Royal Air Force
3x Merlin HC4, Royal Navy
4x AH-64D, Royal Netherlands Air Force
1x AS532U, Royal Netherlands Air Force
2x CH-47D/F, Royal Netherlands Air Force
1x Hkp16A (S-70), Swedish Air Force
2x AS332B, Spanish Air Force
2x F-16AM, Royal Netherlands Air Force (Operates from Volkel, NL)
1x E-3F, French Air Force (Operates from Avord, FR)
1x E-3A, NATO (Operates from Geilenkirchen, DE)

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Images: RNlAF, ItAF

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