November 3, 2016 at Istrana AB, site of the 51st Wing, was held the ceremony for the disposal of 101st Flight Sqn Operational Conversion Unit (O.C.U.), a historic Italian Air Force unit.
The ceremony was presided by the Commander of the Combat Forces, General Brigadier Silvano Frigerio and Colonel David Morpurgo, Commander of the 51st Wing.
In his farewell speech, the Commander of the 101st Flight Sqn thanked all the participants came from all over Italy to attend this last ceremony. "The 'Lampi' have achieved over the years a number of important milestones for the operational commitment and the training of new pilots", he said.
The Colonel Morpurgo in his speech said that the closure of 101st Flight Sqn the 51st Wing has completed its transformation dictated by streamlining costs. In addition to the significant operational commitments, the 101st Flight Sqn has trained 135 AMX pilots during the last twenty-one years.
The General Frigerio said the pilots of 102nd flight Sqn who will take in charge of the 101st Flight sqn capabilities are fortunate to count on the professionalism and experience of their colleagues.

The disposal of 101st Flight Sqn took place one month after the closing of the 103rd Flight Sqn belonging to 51st Wing also.
The new organization will enable 51st Wing to fully perform all the tasks assigned to it by optimizing processes and resources.

Only a few weeks ago another famous ItAF Wing and Flight Squadron have been closed: 50th Wing based in Piacenza AB and 156th Flight Sqn. that was operating with Tornado fighter jets.

Source and Pics: Italian Air Force

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