Iran's first turboprop military transport aircraft makes maiden flight

Iran Simorgh transport aircraft
Simorgh turboprop military transport aircraft.

The Iranian Simorgh turboprop military transport aircraft, manufactured by Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries (HESA), performed its maiden flight in late May, local news agency IRNA said.

According to the manufacturer, the aircraft has excellent agility, light weight and high payload capacity. The maiden flight was performed at an airbase located in Isfahan, with senior military officers attending the event.

Designed and developed by a branch of the Iranian defense ministry, the aircraft is named after an ancient bird of Persian legend, apparently endowed with great wisdom. The first details revealed say that the aircraft has another outstanding feature as it is compatible with Iran's weather conditions, making it invaluable in enhancing the nation's defensive capabilities. Simorgh was first unveiled by authorities a year ago, with images released by the Iranian government.

Iran Simorgh transport aircraft

Iranian news agencies said the Simorgh was equipped with "indigenous high-tech materials and is designed in accordance with Iran's climatic conditions as well as international standards and regulations."

The development of the aircraft confirms how Iran has decided to react to stringent Western and international sanctions on the importation of military systems by producing everything in-house through the use of reverse engineering.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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