Italian Air Force aircraft reach further milestones in Kuwait

Italian Air Force aircraft Kuwait
A pair of ITAF F-2000A Typhoon multi-role aircraft conduct a mission over Kuwait.

The Italian Air Force aircraft deployed in Kuwait and Iraq under the Italian National Contingent Command Air reached new significant milestones in April. They operate in the area as part of the National Operation 'Prima Parthica' which is linked to the International Operation 'Inherent Resolve', established to counter Daesh.

The Boeing KC-767A tanker aircraft, which has been deployed in Kuwait since 2014 with Task Force Air Kuwait's Task Group Breus, has recently logged 9,000 flight hours in the operating theater. It conducts Air to Air Refueling operations to allow Coalition aircraft to extend their mission time.

Italian Air Force aircraft Kuwait

The Eurofighter multirole aircraft, assigned to Task Group Typhoon, have recently clocked up 5,000 flight hours. Starting from the first deployment in Kuwait, from March 2019 to August 2020 at the Al Jaber air base and from April 2021 to today at the Ali Al Salem air base, the F-2000A Typhoons have shown great maturity and operational capability in the approximately 1,200 sorties carried out.

The Araba Fenice Task Group, which was among the first units to be deployed by Italy in Operation Inherent Resolve (2014), assured Situational Awareness in the area through ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions. Thanks to the great professionalism of the flight crews, it has recently reached 14,000 flight hours. The technological and operational excellence of the remotely piloted aircraft and the quality and quantity of the data provided have allowed Italy to be among the first contributors to the fight against Daesh, the protection of the population and support for pacification in Iraq.

Deployed in Iraq at the Erbil air base, the Albatros Task Group recently celebrated its 7,000 flight hours over the skies of Iraq. The unit assures air transport and electronic warfare missions with the EC-27J JEDI (Jamming and Electronic Defense Instrumentation) aircraft.

Italian Air Force aircraft Kuwait

The high professionalism of the Italian Air Force personnel, together with the technologically advanced aircraft, proved to be the indispensable combination to allow the IT NCC Air/Task Force Air to provide the Fundamental Operational Capabilities in Kuwait and Iraq 24/7.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian Air Force

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