Poland could introduce Eurofighter Typhoon as MiG-29 replacement

Poland Eurofighter Typhoon MiG29 replacement
Italian Air Force Eurofighter assigned to 37th Wing, Trapani Air Base, Sicily.

We recently talked about how Poland could buy a new light fighter aircraft in case of supply of the Polish Air Force MiG-29 fleet to Ukraine. However, there are also other options involving the introduction of second-hand aircraft, such as the Eurofighter Typhoon.

According to Breaking Defense Warsaw, Poland could receive 12 to 16 Eurofighter Tranche 1 aircraft from a surplus of the Italian Air Force. The Polish media pointed out how this choice could allow the nation to have aircraft immediately available as per the strong need of the Polish Air Force. The Polish military mainly aimed to get second-hand F-16 aircraft from the United States before Washington said no to the exchange to avoid angering Moscow.

Although the Eurofighter T1 has limited capabilities compared to later variants, especially in the air-to-ground role, it is capable of receiving upgrades that make it more versatile.

Spain is a great example of how early Typhoons can be improved. In recent years, Airbus has updated the 15 Eurofighter T1s of the Spanish Air Force with the integration of equipment from Tranche 2 and Tranche 3 such as a Computer Symbol Generator, Digital Video and Voice Recorder, Laser Designator POD and Maintenance Data Panel. They have also integrated target laser designation capability with the Litening 3 pod, improvements in electronic warfare and communications (MIDS), among others.

Italy had previously tried to sell used ITAF Eurofighter T1 aircraft to Bulgaria through the aerospace firm Leonardo. Sofia then chose to buy new F-16 Block 70 jets from the United States.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Image: Italian Air Force

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