Turkey looks to buy eighty Eurofighter Typhoons

Turkey buy Eurofighter Typhoon
Eurofighter Typhoon performs a powerful take-off. The Eurofighter appears to be targeted by Turkey.

Turkey appears to be considering buying eighty Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role fighters to modernize its fixed-wing combat fleet, according to rumors in recent hours.

This deal appears to be related to the TF-X program which aims to develop and build a fifth generation fighter by the Turkish national industry with foreign technological input.

Ankara's interest in a 'made in Europe' aircraft stems from the veto imposed by the United States on the purchase of the F-35 and the latest variant of the F-16, the F-16V Block 70/72. Washington also thwarted the Turkish Air Force's F-16 fleet modernization program.

Ankara has responded to the US filibuster with the launch of a modernization program for its F-16 jets run by the local aerospace industry. In addition, Turkey has started looking to purchase new non-US fighters to modernize its fleet pending the introduction of the TF-X (and achievement of the IOC). Turkey has also been evaluating Russian fighters for some time, such as the Su-35 and Su-57, but the war in Ukraine has definitively put an end to a possible deal with Moscow.

Since relations between France and Turkey are currently very tense, it is unlikely that the Rafale can be included among the possible candidates. This dispute benefits London which is working to push the Eurofighter as an immediate solution and offer BAE Systems support for the TF-X program.

BAE Systems seems to have already submitted an offer that includes two options; the direct supply of the Typhoon in the most recent variant or through the industrial participation of the Turkish industry which would assemble most of the fighters at home as well as take care of their maintenance. This last option appears to be Ankara's favorite.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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