Bangladesh buys Grob trainer aircraft

Bangladesh Grob G120 trainer aircraft
Grob G120TP trainer aircraft.

Outgoing Chief of the Bangladesh Air Force, Air Marshall Serniabat, said in recent days that he has recently signed a contract with a German aircraft manufacturer for a dozen training systems at a very affordable price.

Going into detail, Serniabat said last week they awarded Grob a contract to supply 24 G120TP trainer aircraft, computer based training (CBT) simulators and the construction of two workshops for the repair of composite materials and engines.

According to Serniabat, the Defense will not sign contracts for new aircraft that do not include technology transfer. The nation intends to foster the development of the local aerospace industry in view of the growth of civilian and military fleets. 

Bangladesh is currently under a massive military modernization plan which includes the introduction of several new systems. Dhaka has also recently procured the TAI Hurkus-C trainer/light attack aircraft and is also looking to introduce the Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role fighter.

The G120TP is a modern turboprop aircraft developed to meet basic and intermediate training tasks. It was also recently selected by Sweden to replace the older Saab SK 60 jets.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Image: Grob

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