Busy Easter Eve for Italian Air Force 'alert units'

Italian Eurofighter Typhoon scramble
Italian Air Force F-2000A Typhoon multirole fighter assigned to 51st WIng.

April 3, 2021 - Today, early in the afternoon, a C-130J transport aircraft and two Eurofighters of the Italian Air Force took off to carry out a medical flight and an air interception respectively.

The mission of the C-130J, belonging to the 46th Air Brigade, provided for the transport of a very young patient of 5 months in Imminent Danger to Life and Health (IDLH). The child was boarded at the airport of Alghero, Sardinia, to be urgently transported to Genoa, northern Italy.

The C130J, which is one of the assets that the Italian Air Force keeps ready every day h24 for urgent medical flights, took off in the morning from the airport of Pisa, home of the 46th AB, to head to Alghero, where the plane boarded the ambulance carrying the child, the mother and the medical team.

Almost simultaneously, two F-2000A Typhoons, belonging to the 51st Wing, scrambled to identify an American transport aircraft which had lost radio contact with the air traffic control authorities while flying over Italian airspace.

Thanks to the coordinates and information provided to the fighters by the ground crew, the 'Renegade' was reached near Bolzano, northern Italy. The Italian Air Force pilots carried out the standard Visual Identification (VID) procedure to ensure that there were no emergency conditions or security threats. After having completed all the required checks with the air traffic control authorities and restored radio contacts, the fighters returned to their base.

The 51st Wing joined the air surveillance units of the Italian Air Force just a year ago, when it began receiving the first Eurofighters to replace the AMX reconnaissance and ground attack aircraft. It also took delivery of the final and most advanced Italian Typhoon in October 2020.

The 51st Wing is well known for being one of the Italian Air Force unit to have conducted the largest number of missions in foreign operational theaters. Since 2006 it has provided CAS and reconnaissance activities for the coalition. Thanks to its multi-role capabilities, the Typhoon is able to ensure air defense as well as take on the tasks of the AMX.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source: Italian Air Force
First and Last Image: Italian Air Force

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