Israeli Air Force receives 'most advanced ISR aircraft in the world'

Israel new intelligence reconnaissance aircraft
IAF's new intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft lands at Nevatim AFB, Israel.

On Sunday, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) received the world's most advanced Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft at Nevatim Air Force Base, according to Israel's Defense Ministry.

The aircraft, called "Oron", is the result of a development program leaded by the Directorate of Defense R&D (DDR&D) at the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD), in collaboration with the IAF, the Intelligence Directorate, and the Israeli Navy. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is the prime contractor of the Oron.

The aircraft was developed taking into account the lessons learned by the IDF and IMOD from conflicts and will be equipped with data processing algorithms based on advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence capabilities in order to allow the IDF to maintain its intelligence superiority in the face of emerging challenges.

"The DDR&D has been leading the development of the 'Oron' mission systems for over nine years. This mission aircraft will provide the IDF with unprecedented, innovative ISR capabilities using groundbreaking sensing systems - the onboard radar system and a variety of sensors. These systems will stream valuable data to the intelligence units. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will enable an efficient and automated data processing system, which will produce actionable intelligence in real time, enhancing the effectiveness of IDF operational activities," said Brig. Gen. Yaniv Rotem, Head of Military R&D in the DDR&D. 

Israel new intelligence reconnaissance aircraft

The Oron is based on the Gulfstream G550 platform and will be equipped with cutting edge sensors including an advanced radar system produced by IAI. These systems were designed to allow the IDF to generate unprecedented depth and range of intelligence in real time, in any weather or visibility conditions, during routine, tension and conflict.

The aircraft was detected by the 122nd "Nachshon" intelligence squadron which will use it for real-time intelligence operations. The squadron currently operates the "Shavit" and "Eitam" aircraft, which are also used for intelligence purposes.

"IAI is proud to provide the IMOD and the IDF with the most advanced ISR aircraft in the world. It will provide unprecedented information gathering capabilities above and beyond what has been available to date. This unique Israeli technology will support the IDF's operational demands in various arenas, with an emphasis on the IAF's highly challenging missions. IAI is the home of Israel's Special Mission Aircraft and a world leader in this field. The 'Oron' has been added to the family of Strategic Special Mission Aircraft that IAI has provided the IDF over the past two decades, including the 'Eitam' (AEW&C) and 'Shavit' (SIGINT) aircraft," said Yoav Tourgeman, IAI VP and CEO of ELTA.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source: Israeli Ministry of Defense
Photo Credit: Amit Agronov

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