Leonardo delivers eleventh M346 to Polish Air Force, twelfth to follow shortly

Polish M346 Bielik Deblin
The 10th M-346 Bielik advanced trainer jet is delivered at the Polish Air Force base in Deblin.

On November 16, 2020, the eleventh M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer, code 7711, landed at Deblin Air Base, Poland. It is the third aircraft of the second batch of Bielik procured by the nation. A further M-346 is expected to reach Deblin by the end of the year. The 41st base in Deblin hosts the Polish Air Force flight training school.

The delivery of the 7711 jet follows that of the 7709 and 7710 aircraft by three weeks.

Polish M346 Bielik Deblin

Poland signed a contract for eight M-346s in February 2014, whose deliveries ended in October 2017. The contract also included an option for an additional four aircraft that the nation turned into order in March 2018. Subsequently, in December 2018, Poland sent a third order for an additional four jets. The deliveries of the second batch will end at the end of the year, while those of the third in October 2022. Once the deliveries are completed, the Polish Air Force fleet will have a total of 16 Bieliks.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Photo Credits: Ewa Złotnicka/4.SLSz (First one), Fabrizio Capenti (Second one)

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