Brazilian Air Force pilot tells about his first flight in the Gripen E

Brazilian pilot first flight Gripen
Brzizlian Air Force test pilot Major pilot Cristiano de Oliveira Peres after his first flight in the Gripen E.

On August 20, a Brazialian Air Force test pilot flew the Gripen E for the first time (Read more).

The test pilot Major pilot Cristiano de Oliveira Peres told about his experience in a video interview released by Saab. Here is what he said.

“The flight was carried out in the flight test area over the Baltic Sea. We checked the flight and handling qualities of the aircraft in this specific point of the flight envelope. It’s a great responsability, because this is a very important project for the Brazilian Air Force. 

The flight control system of the aircraft has been developed in a way that makes piloting very easy requiring low workload from the pilot. The pilot can turn all his attention to manage the tactical system in the aircraft, to fulfill his mission. With all the knowledge I got from Gripen E, I am partecipating in a working group which is planning the operational evaluation of this aircraft, which should take place as soon as the first aircraft arrives in Brazil. 

Since I arrived at Saab, I have been through a lot of professional experiences, like the qualification on the centrifuge 9G, the operational conversion for Gripen D and flight training of flight test techniques specific to Gripen E, so it has been a great learning experience. The intraction with my colleagues, with the test pilots, has been excellent, I would say, best possible. 

Gripen has been developed to meet the requirements of the Brazilian Air Force, that means: state of the art equipment ans sensors. This will take our pilots to a very high operational level in the future.”

Brazilian pilot flight Gripen E

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