M345 to join M346 at Italy's International Flight Training School

M345 International Flight Training School
Leonardo M345. The modern trainer jet to join the Italy's Internatiknal Flight Training School.

The joint Leonardo-Italian Air Force project "International Flight Training School - IFTS" was born from the idea of ​​making the excellence of the nation available to Italy's allies. Thanks to the advanced technological resources provided by Leonardo SpA, the Italian Air Force is able to offer high level flight training.

The aim of the project is to satisfy the growing demand of partner countries to train their pilots in Italy and, consequently, to promote the excellence of the country, consolidating and developing the primacy of Italian industry in integrated systems for the training of military pilots.

The agreement signed between Leonardo and Italian Air Force assigns the armed force responsibility for maintaining the quality standards of the flight school through the management of the training program, the training of flight instructors and the final verification of the level reached by the attendants. On the other hand, the company is entrusted with the task of generating the technical-maintenance and logistical services necessary to increase the available training slots.

The initiative will allow to enhance the training offer, currently ensured by the 61st Wing at Galatina AFB, through various steps ranging from the upgrading of Galatina AFB to the creation of a new school at Decimomannu AFB, Sardinia, suitable to accommodate and satisfy the growing training demand.

Currently the IFTS program involves and enhances the Phase IV "Lead in to Fighter Training" courses and is focused on the T-346 platform, but after the imminent entry into service of the new T-345 trainer jet, the program will also involve Phase II " Primary Pilot Training" and phase III "Fighter Track" and" RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) Track". As per the final structure, Galatina will cover phase II and III with T-345, while Decimomannu will cover phase IV with T-346.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source: Italian Air Force
Image: Leonardo

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