Leonardo, Italian Air Force and Sardinia Region sign memorandum of understanding for International Flight Training School

Leonardo M-346. The advanced trainer jet will be the backbone of the Italy's International Flight Training School at Decimomannu AFB, Sardinia.

The new International Flight Training School - IFTS, born from the strategic collaboration between Leonardo SpA and the Italian Air Force for the establishment of an advanced flight training center at the Decimomannu air base, Sardinia, Italy, is ready to move on to the operational phase.

The memorandum of understanding relating to the IFTS program was formalized on August 3. The document was signed in Villa Devoto, Cagliari, between Christian Solinas, President of the Sardinia Region, and General Air Team Luca Goretti, Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force.

This document marks the further step after the previous agreement signed on July 28.

The new IFTS campus will be operational from the first half of 2022 and will represent an international reference point in the training of military pilots, starting from phase IV (Advanced/Lead-In to Fighter Training).

The IFTS project stems from the need to meet the growing demand of the Italian Air Force and partner nations for the training of their pilots and will allow to double the current training offer of the Italian flight school through the establishment of the new training center in Decimomannu.

The partnership between the Italian Air Force and Leonardo SpA will allow the armed force to optimize the cost/efectiveness of flight training and the aerospace company to strengthen its international role as a "Training Service Provider".

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Image: Italian Air Force

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