Italian Army NH90 helicopters achieve 5,000 flight hours in Afghanistan

Italian NH90 5000 flight hours Afghanistan
Italian Army NH90 helicopters achieve 5,000 flight hours in Afghanistan.

After about a month from the achievement of the 13,500 flight hours by the Italian Army AH-129 helicopter fleet deployed in Afghanistan, the helicopter component of the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W) reaches a further excellent milestone: 5,000 hours flight with the NH-90 fleet.

The Italian Army NH-90 have been operating in Afghanistan since August 2012. The armed force began deploying the helicopter across the border just four years after the system entered service, marking an extraordinary success for Italy. Italy became the first of the member states of the NH Industries international consortium to deploy the new helicopter in an operating theater.

From 2012 to today the Italian Army NH-90 crews from the 5th "Rigel" and 7th "Vega" Regiments of the "Friuli" Air Brigade and from the 3rd "Aldebaran" helicopter regiment for Special Operations, have faced environmental conditions extreme, characterized by high altitudes, strong winds, very hot or too cold temperatures and constant presence of sand in the landing areas, carrying out more than 2,000 operational missions in support of NATO operations "International Security Assistance Force" (ISAF) and "Resolute Support" (RS).

TAAC-WEST is the Italian-led NATO Command currently belonging to the 132nd “Ariete” Brigade under the command of Brigadier General Enrico Barduani. It includes personnel from the Italian Army, the Italian Air Force, the Italian Navy and the Carabinieri Corps and is responsible for the western part of Afghanistan under the "Resolute Support" operation. This area includes the provinces of Herat, Badghis, Farah and Ghor, for a territorial extension equal to the whole of Northern Italy and a population of about four million inhabitants.

In addition to Italy, soldiers from other 7 nations operate in TAAC-WEST (Albania, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, United States of America). The unit aims to contribute to the training, assistance and advice for the Afghan institutions and security forces, committed to creating adequate conditions of security and prosperity for the local population.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: TAAC-W/Italian Ministry of Defense

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