Two Italian military pilots complete training in France

Italian pilots
Two Italian military pilots complete training in France.

On May 28, two Lieutenants of the Italian Air Force obtained the Military Pilot License at the Base Aérienne 702 in Avord (France), home of the Ecole de l'Aviation de Transport.

The golden eagles were given to Italian pilots by Colonel Géraud Laborie, commander of the Base, while those for French pilots by Lieutenant Colonel Andrea Radicchi, Head of the Italian Air Force Representation (RAMI) in Avord. This gesture confirmed the strong synergy achieved between the two countries in the training of pilots for transport aircraft.

Lieutenants Diego from Corso Pegaso V and Raffaele from Corso Rostro IV will fly respectively the C-130J aircraft at the 46th Air Brigade in Pisa and the P-180 and CAEW aircraft at the 14th Wing in Pratica di Mare, Rome.

The event marked the conclusion of a training process that involved the new pilots for a year, during which they carried out about 135 flight hours on board the Embraer 121 Xingu aircraft and 80 hours on the simulator.

The training process in use at the Avord flying school includes various phases: visual and instrument flights, emergency simulation, low-altitude tactical flights with mixed IFR/VFR (Instrument Flying Rules/Visual Flight Rules) profile and simulated paratrooper launch in two aircraft formation.

At the end of the ceremony, Col. Laborie congratulated the new pilots, highlighting the excellent results obtained and the uncommon performance shown in all flight phases.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Source, Images: Italian Air Force

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