Argentina suspends purchase KAI FA-50 light fighter due to COVID-19

Argentina buy KAI T-50
KAI FA-50 light combat aircraft.

Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) recently said that the deal for the sale of 10 FA-50 light fighters to the Argentine Air Force has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

KAI spokesman told local media that the spread of the virus has forced Argentina to allocate the current budget to other healthcare-related projects.

The FA-50 was offered to Argentina as a low-cost solution to replace the current fleet of A-4R aircraft. It was selected by the nation in July 2019, but the contract has never been signed. Rumors say that KAI has asked for $ 20 million for each plane, a very competitive figure.

The FA-50 is the most advanced variant of the T-50 Golden Eagle trainer jet. It boasts more internal fuel capacity, enhanced avionics, a longer radome, a tactical data link and more powerful engine. The T-50 was born from a joint KAI-Lockheed Martin project starting from the design of the F-16 fighting Falcon.

Currently T-50 users are South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Iraq.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Image: KAI

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