NATO Tiger Meet 2020 could be shot down by Covid

Tiger Meet 2020 spotter Coronavirus COVID-19
Portoguese Air Force F-16 fighters. They will be the stars of NATO Tiger Meet 2020 (Image: FAP).

NATO Tiger Meet 2020 will run at Beja Air Base, Portugal, from 10 to 22 May. This year's edition promises to be the richest ever in terms of participating units. Its motto "Hard to be Humble" immediately makes clear the great intentions of the Portuguese Air Force.

Aviation lovers will enjoy two spotter days, on May 14 and 20, and a large airshow with the presence of several military aircraft and aerobatic teams, on May 17. However the NTM20 could be cancelled, postponed, or conducted behind closed doors (less likely), due to the rapid expansion of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Other major international exercises, such as the Frisian Flag 2020, have already been cancelled as well as the most important air shows such as RIAT 2020 and Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) 2020. Currently no news on COVID-19 has been officially released by NTM organizers, we will post further updates on this page.

UPDATE: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Portuguese Air Force has postponed the NATO Tiger Meet 2020 to next year. The new schedule is from 2 to 14 May 2021.

NATO Tiger Meet 2020 participants

31 Squadron, Belgian Air Force (F-16AM)
21 Gruppo, Italian Air Force (AB-212AM)
335 Mira, Hellenic Air Force (F-16C/D)
XII Gruppo, Italian Air Force (F-2000)
230 Squadron, Royal Air Force (Puma HC.2)
Esquadra 301, Portuguese Air Force (F-16)
11 Flotille, French Navy (Rafale M)
192 Filo, Turkish Air Force (F-16C/D)
Fliegerstaffel 11, Swiss Air Force (F-18C/D)
Dusentrainerstaffel, Austrian Air Force (SAAB 105)
EC01.030, French Air Force (Mirage 2000D)
Escuadron 142, Spanish Air Force (Typhoon)
313 Squadron, Royal Netherlands Air Force (F-16)
TLG.51, German Air Force (Tornado IDS/ECR)
1 Squadron, NATO AEWC Wing (E-3A)
221.vrl, Czech Air Force (Mi-24 "Hind"), Czech Air Force (JAS-39C Gripen)
59/1 'Puma' Squadron, Hungarian Air Force (JAS-39C Gripen)
6.elt, Polish Air Force (F-16C/D)
TLG.74, German Air Force (EF.2000)
EC03.030, French Air Force (Rafale B/C)
EHRA 3/3, French Army (SA.342 Gazelle)

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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