German union warns the nation against Super Hornet selection

Local sources say Germany plans to buy both Eurofighter and Super Hornet.

German union warns Super Hornet selection
Luftwaffe Tornado. Germany will shortly choose its replacement between Eurofighter and Super Hornet.

According to FlightGlobal, one of Germany's leading aerospace unions warned the government that it threatens to jeopardize the entire European defense industry as the country selects a combat aircraft built in the United States to replace the Luftwaffe Tornado fleet.

Berlin is currently completing its analyzes on the Boeing Super Hornet and the Eurofighter, the choice should be made shortly.

However, the acquisition cannot be tied only to industry, but to the multiple roles played by Tornadoes such as ground attack, electronic warfare (EW) and nuclear deterrent missions.

Currently the Eurofighter does not have EW capacity (still in the implementation phase) and cannot load the B61 nuclear bombs supplied by the United States.

Boeing aircraft is already specialized to fill the EW role and the integration of nuclear bombs takes much less time than the Eurofighter.

FlighrGlobal says the IG Metall union has sent an open letter to the German defense and economic ministers, in addition to the head of the chancellery, to warn against the selection of the Super Hornet, even as part of a split-buy. IG Metall says that 25,000 jobs in Germany and 100,000 in Europe as a whole depend exclusively on the production of Eurofighter.

The union says that the development of new capabilities for aircraft built in Europe, such as EW or advanced sensors, is also essential to provide suitably qualified workers for the Franco-German Future Combat Air System (FCAS) program.

IG Metall represents the workers of Airbus Defense & Space, the sensor specialist Hensoldt, the manufacturer of MTU engines and the supplier of Aerotec Premium aerostructures.

Germany could opt for an unexpected compromise capable of satisfying everyone, the industrial needs and the abilities required by the armed force. Local sources say that Berlin plans to purchase both combat aircraft, Eurofighter and Super Hornet.

Image: USAF

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