Poland expects to sign F-35 agreement next week with first delivery in 2024

Poland agreement delivery F-35
Poland expects to sign the F-35 agreement next week with delivery of the first aircraft in 2024.

During a recent radio interview, the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense Mariusz Błaszczak said that the first f-35 will be delivered to Polish Air Force in 2024 and that the agreement is expected to be finalized next week.

"We've basically finalised the negotiations, with only minor procedural issues still pending. I'm convinced that in January we will sign an agreement with the United States for the purchase of thirty-two F-35 planes, the most modern aircraft in the world," Błaszczak said.

According to Błaszczak, the acquisition of the aircraft was made possible thanks to the excellent relations between the United States and Poland and the type proved to be the best choice to replace the MiG-29 fleet.

Poland submitted a request for the acquisition of 32 F-35A fighter planes in May 2019 which the Pentagon approved last fall. The value of the deal was estimated at $ 4.6 billion.

As well as other countries, the first 4 jets will be based in Luke AFB, Arizona, for pilot training.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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