Leonardo eyes new opportunities in Poland

The Italian aerospace company to participate in the MSPO 2019 to look for new business related to AW101, AW249 helicopters and M-346, Eurofighter aircraft.

Leonardo Poland MSPO 2019
Polish Air Force M-346 "Bielik" trainer jets.

Leonardo attends the 27th edition of MSPO in Kielce, Poland after the recent successes marking the special relationship with Poland and its Armed Forces. With four AW101 helicopters and four additional M-346 training aircraft ordered recently and the establishment of Leonardo Poland, Leonardo and PZL-Swidnik are working to fulfill Poland’s demanding defence requirements with new projects showcased during this year’s edition of MSPO.

During the show, Leonardo will present new features and capabilities for the legacy Sokol helicopter model, the backbone of the Polish Armed Forces helicopter fleet. The W-3PL Głuszec, the version of the Sokół helicopter recently developed for Polish Armed Forces, will be showcased at the Company’s static area. At Leonardo’s stand (Hall E – Stand 23) a complete portfolio of helicopters, including the AW101 selected by the Polish Navy to perform Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) missions, will be presented. PZL-Świdnik, playing a significant role in the production of all AW101s ordered worldwide, is the prime contractor and will deliver the helicopters by 2022.

Regarding combat helicopter capabilities, Leonardo maintains its offer for the AW249, the only new combat helicopter currently being designed, to meet the Polish Armed Forces requirement for an aircraft in this mission category. Leonardo and PGZ signed a Letter of Intent for future collaboration on this programme. Poland’s defence industry has the unique opportunity to participate in a brand new helicopter development programme and its future export prospects.

The SW-4 Solo is a prime example of Leonardo’s capabilities in unmanned technology carried out by PZL-Świdnik. The Solo, equipped with advanced systems and sensors manufactured by Leonardo, will perform two sea demonstrations, scheduled for November 2019 in the Mediterranean Sea and for August 2020 in the Baltic Sea, as part of the OCEAN2020 programme. During the first demo, Leonardo systems – from radars to the command and control system on-board the Italian Navy’s FREMM frigates – will also be employed, as well as the maritime situational awareness system. The helicopter is also a part of the HELIMARIS project, which aims to modify an optionally piloted helicopter for maritime missions. The programme is being carried out by PZL-Świdnik, in collaboration with Polish R&D centres and universities.

Leonardo is also offering Poland the Eurofighter Typhoon, one of the world's most advanced air superiority combat aircraft. Leonardo is the leader of the Polish Eurofighter export campaign. A technology driver for the European aerospace industry, with nine customers and 623 aircraft ordered, the programme offers huge opportunities for industrial participation. During MSPO, Leonardo will follow up on the Long Term Evolution that will bring the aircraft closer to the sixth generation fighter.

By acquiring four more M-346s in late 2018, Poland’s fleet expanded to 16 aircraft in total. Eight units are already operational with the Polish Air Force and the full fleet of 16 units will be upgraded to the NATO STANAG 4193 Edition 3 IFF standard and ready by 2021. Leonardo is also promoting the new M-346FA variant, which is a radar-equipped (Leonardo’s Grifo-346) multirole fighter-attack representing a highly effective, low-cost tactical solution for the modern battlefield.

Leonardo supplies, through the joint ventures Thales Alenia Space and Telespazio, the Polish Ministry of Defence with the Ground Segment for the reception and processing of data and data products generated by Italy's COSMO-SkyMed satellite constellation. The COSMO-SkyMed programme will move forward in the near future with the launch of second-generation satellites.
Leonardo is also active in military and commercial satellite communications (Milsatcom). Telespazio signed a multi-year contract with the Polish MoD for the use of UHF channels of the Italian military communications SICRAL family of satellites, and is providing Poland with TV broadcasting services.

Leonardo has a consolidated experience in naval systems and in the land defence sector, collaborating with Polish companies and entities since 1995 for the 60mm turret that was integrated on board the OBRUM trucked vehicle. In 2003, a contract was signed with PGZ’s Rosomak for the local production of 363 HITFIST 30mm turrets, operational on peacekeeping missions in Afghanistan. Currently, Leonardo is engaged in talks with Polish industries to provide HITFIST turrets with additional capabilities including Spike ATGM and RECCE. Leonardo has also been working with the Polish Air Force to install three Fixed Air Defence Radar (FADR) systems and has supplied the ZSRN automated coastal surveillance system.

Source: Leonardo
Image: Capt. Tomasz Doszczeczko

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