Russian Su-27 scrambled to intercept US aircraft over Black Sea

Russian Su-27 scrambled intercept US aircraft
Russian Su-27 fighter jet.

On July 5, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that a RuAF QRA Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet was scrambled to intercept a US Poseidon P-8A reconnaissance aircraft headed for Russian airspace on the Black Sea.

"A Su-27 fighter jet as part of the Southern Military District's air defences was scrambled to intercept the target. The crew flew the aircraft at a safe distance to the aerial target and identified it as a US P-8A Poseidon reconnaissance jet, which immediately changed the direction of its flight to fly away from the Russian state border," the minister said.

The mission was carried out in accordance with international rules and the fighter jet returned to the air base after completing the mission, the ministry added.

Most likely the Poseidon was conducting a mission under the NATO Sea Breeze 2019 exercise that is currently taking place in the Black Sea.

Image: Andrey Zinchuk /