Italian Air Force Chief of Staff talks about new M-345 trainer jet

M-345 MB-339 Frecce Tricolori
Rare images showing together the MB-339PAN and the M-345HET in Frecce Tricolori livery.

On May 1st, the Frecce Tricolori performed the traditional display at their home-base in Rivolto, Udine, which marks the beginning of the 2019 aerobatic season. About 10,000 people lined up along the airfield to admire the 10 great italian demo pilots in the sky. 

The event was also attended by General Alberto Rosso, Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force who announced that within 3-4 years the current MB-339 aircraft will be replaced by the new M-345 trainer jet. "We are waiting for the successor, the new M-345, a platform that is currently completing the last tests and will soon replace the MB-339 which has more than 35 years of service. This is an important replacement for the PAN, but also for our flight school."

Thanks to the entry of Leonardo's modern aircraft, the Frecce Tricolori will continue to excite the crowd for many years, as Major Gaetano Farina, Team Commander, said. “The Frecce never "go out of fashion" as demonstrated by the enthusiasm of the public that follows our every performance. This gratifies us for the intense and hard training that we have to perform before to start a new season."

Recently, Farina also talked about the introduction of the M-345 in the Italian Air Force during an interview we published in a previous article.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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