Frecce Tricolori Commander talks about new M345 trainer jet

M345 Frecce Tricolori
M345 Frecce Tricolori.

April 24, 2019 - During an interview on Facebook Live, the Commander of the Frecce Tricolori, Major Gaetano Farina, answered the questions of several fans. Many of them asked for information about the new aircraft that will soon equip the Italian Aerobatic Team, the M345. Farina said that the transition from the historic MB339 to the new M345 should take place around 2021/22. He highlighted the importance of introducing an aircraft entirely designed and built in Italy as the main task of the Frecce Tricolori is to promote national excellence.

Farina said the new jet will represent a new challenge for the Frecce Tricolori as it will mark a radical change after 40 years of MB339, but also for the Air Force because the M345 will also equip the flight school at Galatina. He also answered questions relating to future aerobatic maneuvers: "Our aerobatic program will not remain exactly the same, but it will be updated and adapted to the characteristics of the new aircraft."

Adapting flight maneuvers to the new jet is a natural step, the MB339 was designed decades ago, while the M345 is a latest-generation aircraft. It boasts a modern cockpit fully equipped with sophisticated instrumentation including three large LCD multifunction displays. These features will certainly allow pilots to make the transition very quickly.

The M345 is ready to accomplish great deeds: the first production aircraft successfully completed the maiden flight in December 2018 and delivery to the Italian Air Force is scheduled for early 2020.

Farina has not yet flown the M345, but a few years ago the aircraft was tested by a previous Commander of the Frecce Tricolori and his feedback was shared in our previous article.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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