Italian T-346A and Typhoon train together

The interoperability between the two platforms offers great improvements to the Italian Air Force flight courses.

Italian T-346A Typhoon train together
Italian T-346A and Typhoon train together.

At the end of April, a F-2000B Typhoon and two T-346A jets of the Italian Air Force conducted joint missions to standardize training syllabus. This type of exercises allow the Italian Air Force to set the entry level standard required by each OCU (Operational Conversion Unit) by adapting the training to the needs of the Fighter Squadrons. Instructors can standardize flight manuals, procedures and phraseology between the L.I.F.T. (Lead In to Fighter Training) course conducted at the Flight School of the Italian Air Force in Galatina AFB and the Operational Conversion Courses for Eurofighter pilots carried out at the 4th Wing in Grosseto AFB.

A previous joint activity showed significant results on interoperability and integration between the two platforms when the T-346A carried out exclusively BVR (Beyond Visual Range) missions thanks to the ability of its data link to exchange information with the FPR system of the Typhoon. This is a typical feature of the most modern and advanced aircraft.

The introduction of the T-346A has in fact considerably increased the training level of the Italian Air Force. The advanced capabilities of the aircraft allows the Flight School to greatly improve the training level of the pilot students. The T-346A can also cover the "Aggressor" role during Operational Conversion Courses to train future Eurofighter pilots in DACT (Dissimilar Air Combat Training) scenarios and maintain a high level of training for L.I.F.T. instructors.

The results obtained by the Italian Air Force show how the armed forces equipped with the M-346 can benefit from the introduction of the Eurofighter and vice versa.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Images: Italian Air Force

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