Japan sell F-15 buy F-35
Japan plans to sell its F-15 jets to finance the procurement of additional F-35 fighters.

The Japanese Government is planning to sell some F-15 jets to the United States to raise money to buy more F-35 fighter jets, according to Japanese news outlet Nikkei.

The sale is included in the negotiations between Tokyo and Washington to finalize a contract of 100 F-35 stealth aircraft. Some sources in Japan have revealed that the two nations are defining details on the number of F-15s to sell and their price.

Japan's largest air defense fleet consists of around 200 F-15s, about half of which received updates, while the remaining 100 are in the basic version. The Government intends to sell this last batch.

The Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) received the first F-15s in the early 80s, but the nation said the old fleet can be maintained in good flight conditions with the right maintenance and spare parts.

Washington told Japan that it would consider selling these planes to nations with weak air forces. The agreement would allow the United States to provide combat aircraft to South East Asian Nations at low prices. In this way they could oppose the expansion of China into the South China Sea.

The Japanese Government prefers to entrust the sale of its jets to the United States considering the greater experience of Americans in the export of military equipment.

Japan has revealed its interest in purchasing additional F-35 aircraft at the end of November. The nation intends to buy both CTOL and STOVL variants, the new aircraft would be added to the 42 F-35A already purchased.

The Japanese Government is considering embarking the F-35Bs on the Izumo-class helicopter destroyer (22DDH) of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF).

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Image: USAF

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