F-35 debut Belgian Air Force Days
F-35 stealth fighter to make its debut in Belgium.

The Italian Air Force will send an F-35A Lightening II to Kleine-Brogel AFB, Belgium, to take part in the static display of the Belgian Air Force Days 2018, Sept. 8-9. It will mark the first appearance of the fifth generation fighter jet in Belgium.

The JSF will arrive during the spotterday scheduled on September 7 and will be an opportunity for photographers to take shots of the plane during landing. The aircraft will arrive from Amendola AFB, south of Italy, home of the 32nd Wing of the Italian Air Force.

The F-35 is overwhelmingly considered the favorite for the Belgian fighter competition, which will replace the country’s 54 F-16s with 34 new jets. The US DoD has already approved in January 2018 the possible sale of 34 F-35 CTOL fighters to Belgium. The winning plane is scheduled to enter service in 2023 and complete the transition by 2030.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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