SMi Group Reports: Three new presentations been added to the 19th Annual Military Airlift and Air-to-Air Refuelling Conference agenda, taking place 3 - 5 December 2018 in Rome, Italy.

Military airlift air refuelling
Royal Canadian Air Force, EU Training Mission Somalia and NATO SPA to present on Military Airlift and Air-Air Refuelling.

Conference organisers, SMi Group are delighted to announce that three new presentations, led by Royal Canadian Air Force, EU Training Mission Somalia and NATO Support and Procurement Agency have been added to the three-day agenda for Military Airlift Air-to-Air Refuelling 2018 ( ).

Taking place in Rome, Italy on the 4th and 5th December 2018, Military Airlift AAR 2018 will provide detailed updates on achieving strategic mobility through platforms and technologies. Plus, new for this year, a dedicated Air-to-Air Refuelling focus day on the 3rd December.

Lieutenant Colonel Dean Rood, Senior Staff Officer, Air Mobility, Royal Canadian Air Force, will present at the conference on: “Canadian Tactical and Strategic Airlift”, Covering:

- Why the 1st Air Division is at the forefront of Canadian military airlift as the key response unit to international events
- The airlift ground segment – an overview of the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART)
- Feedback from deployment as part of Operation Mobile within Libya and how AAR capabilities allowed for extended flight time above Libyan air space
- Overcoming unique arctic airlift challenges and ensuring that the Canadian Armed Forces can effectively operate within polar regions
- How the CC-177 Globemaster provides unique air mobility and plans to upgrade its flight capacity
- Enhancing interoperability with allied partners and how this streamlines coalition operations

Lieutenant Colonel Salvatore Tagliata, Logistics and Support Branch Head, EU Training Mission Somalia will present at the conference on: “Logistics in Degraded Environments”. This presentation will cover:

- The Somali Culture and heritage
- Somali everyday life
- The ambitions and aims of the EU Training Mission in Somalia and its current status
- J4 (Logistics) presentation /logistical perspective

Dr Emilio Tunon Nieto, Deputy Director, Life Cycle Management, NATO Support and Procurement Agency will be presenting on the focus day on: “MRTT at the Crossroad of European and NATO Cooperation”. The presentation will cover:

- Building cooperation through NSPA
- MRTT cooperation as a force multiplier
- Role of industry in the MRTT European and NATO cooperation
- MRTT logistic support: challenges and opportunities

The full agenda is available to download from the event website.

Bookings made by Tuesday 31st July will be eligible for a £400 early bird discount. This discount is available for all types of conference bookings and will be the biggest saving when booking a spot at this year's highly focused event.

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19th Annual Military Airlift and Air-To-Air Refuelling
Conference: 4th and 5th December 2018
Air-to-Air Refuelling Focus Day: 3rd December 2018
Crowne Plaza Rome St. Peter's Hotel & Spa, Rome, Italy

Gold Sponsors: Airbus and Boeing
Sponsored by: IRVINGQ, JBTC, Jetex, Leonardo, SHZ Aviation, TLD Group and Viasat

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