It marks the first appearance of the French Navy modern fighters in the RIAT flying display.

French Navy Rafale flying display RIAT
French Navy Rafales to show their tactical demo at the RIAT 2018.

The French Navy has confirmed that it will feature in the flying display at this summer's Air Tattoo, July 13-15. The Rafale tactical demonstration, featuring two examples of the multirole French fighter jet, will make its debut at RAF Fairford, joining other nations to help celebrate the RAF's 100th anniversary. 

The prototype Rafale first took to the air as long ago as 1986, but this is an aircraft at the cutting edge of modern fighter technology. The French Air Force flies both the single-seat Rafale C and two-seat Rafale B variants, while the French Navy operates the carrier-borne Rafale M. Both air arms have taken this very agile multi-role machine - capable of air-to-air, air-to-ground (including nuclear strike) and reconnaissance missions - on operations around the world.

The French Navy Rafales will also take part in the flying display of the Yeovilton Air Day 2018, July 7.

Source: Air Tattoo
Image: Royal Navy

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