Russia deploys Su-57 Syria
Russia deploys two brand new Su-57 stealth fighter jets to Syria.

On Thursday, unverified video footage posted on social media by Syrian political activists showed a pair of new Russian Su-57, also known as the PAK FA and T-50, over Syrian skies. The author of the video also revealed that the stealthy jets were escorted by four Su-35 multi-role air defence fighters, four Su-25 close air support fighters and an A-50U AEW plane.

The aircraft landed at Khemimim Air Base, near Latakia, in northwestern Syria. They are part of a larger package of assets deployed to the Russian airbase in Syria.

The Su-57 made its first flight with new-standard engines in December 2017 and it is currently under tests, their presence in a war zone has surprised everyone. However, it could be a good opportunity to test the systems of the new aircraft in real combat operations.

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Written by Matteo Sanzani