Polish pilot-instructors has started flights with the new M-346 advanced jet trainer at Poland’s Deblin air base.

Poland pilot training m-346 bielik
Poland starts pilot training on M-346 "Bielik".

The first flight on the Polish M-346 "Bielik" was made by the CPT. pilot Mirosław Kopeć at the 41st Air Base School, February 16. He was accompanied by an Italian pilot in the back seat.

During the flight, the pilot performed emergency procedures such as landing approach with an engine running, with flaps open and closed.

The first flights on M-346 will be carried out by pilot instructors, they will continue to perform the procedures learned during the training in Italy (More details here).

Poland is starting a new stage in aviation training thanks to its new advanced training system provided by Leonardo. It includes, in addition to the 8 aircraft, a complete flight simulators (FMS and FTD), a catapult simulator and emergency procedures (EPT), a computer-assisted training system and a package of training hours, as well as a logistics package.

This advanced training system will allow the Polish Air Force to train combat pilots independently. It will reduce the number of flights on F-16 fighter jet and will ensure a faster pilot training.

Written by Matteo Sanzani
Images: Polish Air Force

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