All types of Romanian military aircraft took part in the event together with great international guests. The BIAS has also included an impressive night show.

Aviationist Bucharest Air show
C-27J night display during Bucharest International Air Show 2017

The Băneasa International Airport has hosted the 9th edition of the biggest air event to take place in Romania, Bucharest International Air Show (BIAS), July 22, 2017. The Romanian armed forces attended the event with a massive presence of aircraft in the air and on the ground.

During the one-day-show, the Romanian pilots have made demonstrative flights with IAR-330 Puma and IAR-316 Alouette helicopters, C-27J Spartan and C-130 Hercules airlift aircraft, IAR-99 Șoim and the training aircraft, IAK-52. MiG-21 LanceR aircraft and F-16 Fighting Falcon have also performed demonstrative flights, from solo flights that outline pilots’ and aircraft’s performance to tactical and air policing exercises that highlight the tactical training. The static display included MiG-21 LanceR, IAR-99 Șoim, C-27J Spartan, a low/medium range radar TPS-79R and a HAWK ground-to-air launching system.

At the invitation of the Romanian Air Forces Staff, troops from the Air Forces of Germany, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Great Britain and the USA took part in the show with displays as well demonstration flights at this year’s edition of BIAS. In the static area, the public was able to admire closely a Mirage-2000 of the Hellenic Air Forces, a Typhoon and a Tornado of the German Air Forces, one Typhoon of the Royal Air Force. Two F-15 Eagle combat aircraft of the US National Guard, one F-16 Fighting Falcon and one MiG-29 Fulcrum of the Polish Air Forces, along an F-16 Fighting Falcon of the Turkish Air Force and a JAS-39C Gripen of the Hungarian Air Force took to the sky during air demonstrations. In addition, aircraft from the Flying Bulls fleet were included in the great flying display.

The largest aircraft of this year’s static display was a NATO Boeing E-3A Sentry AWACS. AWACS aircraft are part of the NATO’s early warning system being operated by multinational personnel, Romanian servicemen included.

The highlight of the show was certainly the night demonstration during which the public could admire the sky light up with the flares launched by the aircraft. The event ended with a fabulous fireworks display.

Here are the images of some of the best moments of BIAS 2017 taken by Kiril Todorov during the arrival, rehealsal and air show days.

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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