The helicopter was delivered to Norway on November 17 and it was performing the first ground tests.

Norwegian AW101 helicopter rolls accident
Norwegian AW101 helicopter rolls during ground test

The first of 16 AW101 all-weather search and rescue helicopters just delivered to the Norwegian Ministry of Justice & Public Security overturned during a ground run on October 24.

The helicopter rolled over on its side during a ground test at Stavanger Airport, Norway, home of the 330 Squadron which will operate the AW101 for SAR role.

No injuries were reported to the two crew on board and three technicians outside, but images posted on the web show the helicopter on its right-hand side without its main rotor blades.

The aircraft departed Leonardo’s Yeovil facility on 17 November for Sola Air Base in southern Norway to start a period of Operational Test & Evaluation (OT&E) before entering service with the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) in 2018.

The AW101s will replace the Sea King helicopters currently in service. Aircraft deliveries will continue through to 2020 with SAR operations being established with the aircraft deployed across each of the six main operating bases.

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