The civilian aircraft lost radio contact during its route to Paris.

A pair of Hungarian Gripen fighter jets

On May 31, during the afternoon, a civilian Boeing 737 in flight to Paris lost radio contact with the Hungarian control tower.

The NATO Command immediately contacted the Hungarian military force that activated the QRA procedure with the immediate take-off of two Gripen fighters from Kecskemét Air Force Base.

It was 2.46pm when the civilian aircraft lost contact, a few minutes after the Hungarian fighters identified the aircraft.

At 3.04pm, the Boeing 737 resumed radio contacts and then continued on its route to Paris.

The Gripens were thus able to return to Keckskemét AFB.

The scramble was operated by the PUMA Tactical Fighter Squadron in according to its primary role of air defense as we have described in our previous story (read here).

Written by Matteo Sanzani

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