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Athens Flying Week 2017 Tanagra
Athens Flying Week 2017

This September, Greece's biggest air show, the Athens Flying Week (AFW) Tanagra International Air Show 2017, will be taking off, for the second year in a row, from Tanagra Air Base, crowning the Athens Flying Week 2017 events and reaffirming its title of Southeast Europe's best Air Show, now an institution in the international aviation community.

Even more dynamic, the 6th Athens Flying Week, Tanagra International Air Show 2017, will be more audience friendly and functional this year, focusing on providing a unique experience for those of you who were with us last year and everyone who will be joining us for the first time this year!

Although a number of acts are as yet unconfirmed, England's RED ARROWS will be with us, with their BAE Systems Hawk T1 and C-130 Hercules.

The Polish Air Force will have multiple participants, with the MIG-29 Demo Team, its new F-16 Tiger Polish Demo Team and the Bialo-Iskry Team

The Belgian Air Force, with its F-16 Solo Display Team, and the German Air Force's Tornado ECR will also be with us.

World champion Johan Gustafsson will be bringing his glider from Sweden to thrill us with his aviation spectacle, lighting up Tanagra's night sky with fireworks, music and aerobatics.

From Italy, the aerobatic Silver Chicken and Luca Bertossio – also a world champion and very popular with younger fans – who will present his night performance this year. And the beautiful media darling "WINGWALKER" Danielle Hughes will enchant us with her dance moves on the wings of an in-flight Boeing Stearman.

Schaerer & Partner Red Bull will be with us from Switzerland, and Dutch Rush Aerobatics will be joining us from Holland.

Hellenic Skydivers, the oldest school of its kind in Greece, will take us into the world of freeflying.

Naturally, at the top are the teams closest to our hearts: the "Zeus" F-16 Demo Team and the T-6 A "Daedalus" Demo Team of the Hellenic Air Force, along with other aircraft in a dynamic and static exhibition. As always, the Army, Navy and Security Corps will be present with their aircraft.

Stay tuned for the other surprise participants to be announced soon.

From 2017 on, and with the sole objective of easier access for all visitors and maximization of visual enjoyment of the flight activities, the Air Show centre is being moved to the more audience-friendly site of the TANAGRA airport.

Parking, always free of charge, is now in a new space, inside the airport premises, very close to the audience area.

The new spatial design – at this cutting-edge, Hellenic Air Force airfield – ensures ample space and allows the audience to experience the take-off and landing procedures of their beloved jets and the amazing spectacle of the aerobatic squadrons' synchronized taxiing, with smoke, from just a breath away.

You will be able to admire all the aircraft in the largest static display in recent years; be photographed next to them, together with their pilots; and enjoy unique moments and experiences with world-renowned aerobatic champions and jet fighter display pilots, in stunning choreographies in the air!

There will also be two fully equipped restaurants with shaded areas for the public, where you can eat and cool down with your friends and family.

This year, for the first time, we will also have small drone flights.

Small drones, flying at speeds of up to 150 km/h, follow their pilots' commands, performing their aerial feats and providing a stunning spectacle that you can watch either live or via giant screens located throughout the Air Show grounds.

What's more, information will be available on every type of aviation training available in the country, provided by aviation schools, aviation clubs and the Hellenic Airsports Federation (ELAO) There will also be model aircraft exhibitions, many special happenings, a trade show, numerous additional dining options, a spacious bar and, as always, our exemplary and safe playground for our youngest friends.

The air show has a loyal fan base of over 250,000 people from around the world. This year’s event will be held at the Tanagra Air Base, on the weekend of 16 to 18 September 2017.

The fully updated programme of participants is available at (

Tickets are already available on line at

Buy your ticket early and benefit from our special offers valid until 1 July 2017.

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on our website or contact our secretary's office at 210 60 36 111 (ext. 106).

Source: Athens Flying Week Press Release

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