Belgian Air Force began the evalutaion process to replace its F-16 fleet: aerospace companies offering their aircraft.

Eurofighter Typhoon

As Saab previously promoted the Gripen (Read here), BAE Systems explains why the Eurofighter is the right choice for Belgium in media release.

Eurofighter Typhoon provides air-to-air superiority which is unmatched by any other available aircraft, and has combat-proven air-to-surface capabilities which will continue to evolve to meet the emerging threats of the future. With eight established customers and 500 aircraft across Europe, Eurofighter will remain the backbone of European and NATO combat air capability for the foreseeable future.

The UK Government and BAE Systems are leading the Eurofighter Typhoon campaign as part of Belgium's Air Combat Capability Program (ACCaP) requirement. Offering a complete solution of outstanding capability, through-life value, full interoperability, economic benefits and a political relationship with Europe, Eurofighter Typhoon meets all Belgium's current and future defence and security needs.

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